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Roundabout Restoration Donations

Our roundabout – a link between past, present and future

The school roundabout, located in the yard behind the Setanta building, has provided pupils with much enjoyment over the years. It has been in situ there since at least 1968.

The roundabout was made by a company named Henry Hunt & Sons who specialised in gymnastic equipment. Ringo Starr worked with the erstwhile firm when it was located near central Liverpool. In its latter years the firm was situated at Woodend Avenue, Speke (a locality in the vicinity of Liverpool Airport) and it was at these premises that our roundabout was made.

Despite the vagaries of our weather the roundabout remains in remarkably sturdy condition. Nonetheless substantial work is now necessary in order to retain the roundabout in good stead for present and future Setanta pupils.

Inter alia, a new base and a refresh of the paintwork is required. A number of potential additional features have been identified for inclusion in its refurbishment and these will be appraised in the near future.

In recent weeks initial steps have been taken to retain and restore the roundabout including liaison with the team of architects assigned to the new Setanta. A quotations for restoration work has also been obtained.

Amongst the next stages of the project are:

  • Drafting of a restoration & improvement specification.

  • Formulation of an information-collection process to gather ideas that the school community, especially pupils, may have about the roundabout.

  • Initial fundraising event(s).

  • Appointment of person(s) to remove and restore the roundabout.

  • Further research e.g. view original purchase documents.

  • Restoration of the roundabout (& safe storage of same whilst Setanta is at the temporary school in Greenhills)

  • Reinstatement of the roundabout at the new Setanta. It is proposed a plaque affixed to the roundabout will briefly record its history.

(Note that some of the above mentioned stages will run concurrently)

If you would like to make a donation to assist with the restoration of this functional piece of heritage please contact the school directly on 01 288 4594 or 01 4509746.  We also have a GoFundMe page set up for people to donate online, click the box below to donate.

If you are interested in learning more please either speak to Bernard in Setanta or e-mail him at:

This initial project update is dated November, 2019. Further updates will be placed on this page in due course.

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