Art Room

Setanta employs a part-time Art Teacher in order to nurture and develop our pupils’ creativity. We have a specially designated Art Room where the pupils can learn and implement the basics of art and art creation in a variety of forms. This room is also used by pupils undertaking FETAC Art.






Throughout Setanta School, classrooms are constantly developing and changing to suit the individual needs of each pupil within that class at any given time. Classroom layout and content are changed according to pupils' abilities and to facilitate the best possible environment for teaching them their curriculum and SESS skills.




Gym Room


Exercise is important for everyone and especially for students with ASD as they tend to live sedentary lives.  Setanta has purchased a number of pieces of key gym equipment including a bike, cross-trainer and tread-mill. We have constructed a small gym on the school grounds in order to allow our students to exercise whilst in school. As well as the obvious physical benefits of exercise, a workout in the gym can play an integral role in the calming procedures for some of our pupils.  




Home Economics Room


Is used by our pupils in conjunction with the school’s Home Economics teacher, Caroline O'Leary to practice the preparation of simple meals, snacks and treats. It provides pupils with the skill sets to decide what they want to cook and eat, to gather and measure the required ingredients, prepare them as required, cook them according to the recipe, to eat the food correctly and to clean up after themselves, all in a safe environment.  The kitchen skills learnt in the Home Economics Room will help increase pupils’ independent living skills.




Conference Room


A designated room where Setanta School hosts various meetings ranging from I.E.P.'s to Board meetings.




Physical Education Hall

Our P.E. Hall is well equipped and is used by our Physical Education Teacher not only to maintain the children’s fitness but also to improve their gross motor co-ordination and to develop social and interpersonal skills. With our vast range of equipment coupled with the large size of the P.E. Hall, we are able to offer many different curricular activities including but not limited to obstacle courses, hockey, football, rounders, chasing and skipping.  Teachers can also make use of the hall within class time.



School Transport Resources


As well as the external contractors employed by CIE who work alongside us here at Setanta, we also have two 16 seater minibuses of our own.  These buses are used to bring classes on a variety of fieldtrips with each class having the use of a school bus on a weekly basis. The class trips are used to promote a whole host of independent living skills as well as making the community at large more aware of ASD.  Our school buses are also used to transport our pupils and staff to weekly activities such as swimming. Along with our own school buses and staff who drive them, Setanta has at its disposal other buses and drivers that it can utilise in order to facilitate classes on their trips. 

Where possible, Setanta School also encourages the use of public transport on trip days especially during Summer Camp.  Our pupils have access to public transport and where appropriate are encouraged to use it for outings. The main means we use for travelling are by Dublin Bus, the Dart or by the Luas green line.




Offsite School Resources
Swimming Pools

Setanta currently has the use of two swimming pools, Monkstown DLR Swimming Pool once a week and Mespil Swimming Pool twice a week.  Most of our pupils participate in swimming lessons appropriate for their level, some are given the freedom to simply enjoy the experience of being in the pools themselves.  The swimming session are an excellent means to keep pupils active and healthy, to improve their motor coordination and to participate in group activities.


Music Therapy Room


The Music Therapist, Ian Leslie, utilizes this room to engage pupils in controlled music experiences that are used to facilitate positive change in human behaviour. Each session of music therapy is carefully planned, carried out, and evaluated to suit the specific needs of each pupil.  Music therapy is also used as a calming measure for pupils who have become over stimulated. Music therapy can include, listening to music and/or musical creation, playing musical instruments, moving to music and singing.

Occupational Therapy Room


This room is used by Setanta staff in conjunction with Beechpark Services’ Occupational Therapists in order to help alleviate stress that our pupils may be experiencing.  Here, exercises are also developed to help strengthen weak muscles thereby aiding in the pupil’s physical development.  The Occupational therapy Room is also used to facilitate programmes designed to address any sensory issues our pupils may have.  Beechpark’s Occupational Therapists also work with pupils and staff promoting age-appropriate and life necessary skills for the pupils.


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